We have 5 large studios to choose from. Our rates are based on room occupancy.

$25/hr up to 2 people

$30/hr 3-5 people

$35/hr6-9 people

$40/hr 10-15 people

$45/hr 16+ people




The Loft


This Room is 1,500sqft. It has plenty of space for any shoot and has been a favorite among that that use our space. It has brick walls, and white walls both which make great backdrops. It also has dark wood floors, 3 large windows for natural light, lots of outlets, a built in stereo system and projector. The restrooms are conveniently located at the back of the room as well. 


Studio 1

Studio 1 is 25'x30'. It has two windows for natural light. 


Studio 2

Studio 2 is similar in size and appearance to Studio 1. 


Studio 3

Studio 3 is the longest of our smaller rooms. It is about 50' in length and at its farthest point 30' deep. Its shaped more like a triangle. The east wall is all windows. This room has been featured in the Netflix show Easy as the dance studio used in the show. 


Studio 4

Studio 4 is a bit of an odd shape. Its shaped more like a quadrilateral and is around 800sqft. It also has no windows.